The Madafakaz:

The Madafakaz are a Surf Thrash band based in Montreal, Quebec. The four founding members are Phang house (a.k.a. Phil Hughes) on guitar and back up vocals, RJ Simpson (a.k.a. Fred St-Aubin) on guitar and vocals, Sharx (a.k.a. Zach Scholes) on bass and back-up vocals, and Bones (a.k.a. Corey Tardiff) on drums. Occasionally keyboards, drum machines, samplers and homemade electronics are introduced to live performances.

They are known for their explosive high-energy performances and were voted « favorite concerts of 2010 » by msn entertainment. They released their self-titled debut album, “The Madafakaz” with BoneWof Productions, in late 2010 and have been actively performing in clubs and festivals in Montreal, New York & Ottawa since 2008.




The Madafakaz is a project that developed based on 4 basic rules in mind.

Do whatever you do, as long as you make ‘em dance.

Do what your gonna do, but baby do it with attitude.

Create what you always wanted to see live.

Whatever you decide to do, it has to come from a singular style.

From experimental techno to straight vintage guitars:

For the past 10 years, founding members Phang and RJ worked primarily on electronic music projects. Deciding that it was time to play guitar, the instrument which both had been playing since the age of 12, they began focusing and exploiting the strong sonic character traits of the instruments which became the genesis of The Madafakaz.


Using the net, they began a mission to hunt down a style that would “make ‘em dance!”.

They found a video called “Moondawg” by Davie Allan and the Arrows. It was perfect! It had 4 chords, a singable melody and of course, it made the girls & boys dance.

With a renewed interest in guitar, and the re-discovery of the “twang” that portrayed the sonic character that they had been longing for, there was born 'surf with a twist', songs in the style they wanted to hear and dance to.


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